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Tuesday 26 March 7.30pm

Steve Poltz

Friday 26 April 7.30pm

Kevin Welch and the Weeping Willows

Sunday 12 May 4pm

Neil Murray - The Telling Tour



Friday 27 October 7.30pm

Lloyd Spiegel 'Bakehouse Dozen' Album Launch

Sunday 15 October 4pm

The Fallen Saints and PlanB 


SONiA 14 January

Mike McClellan 23 February

The Young Folk 24 February

Steve Poltz 7 March

Chris Whiles and Julie Matthews 15 March

Four Play 3 June

Jack Carty  29 June

Jeff Lang 13 July

Kristy Cox/Weeping Willows/Travis List 31 August

The Audreys 16 September

Aleyce Simmonds/Brad Butcher 14 October

Abby Dobson 10 November

Catherine Britt/Melody Moko 24 November


Lloyd Cole 12/13 January

Eric Bogle and Ami Williamson 24/25/26 February

The Young Folk 3 March

Jo Quail 4 March

Roo Paynes 8 March

Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine 22 March

Jeff Lang/Josh Rennie-Hynes 31 March

Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt 20 May

Blight/Finnen/Warner and The Beggars 23 June

The Grigoryan Brothers 15 July

15th Birthday w The Baker Suite/The Yearlings/Tara Carragher/Myles Mayo 16 July

15th Birthday w Vincents Chair/Kelly Menhennett/Dr DeSoto/Junior 30 July

Madison Violet/Alana Jagt 15 September

Liz Stringer/Mel Parsons 22 September

Shane Nicholson/Kelly Menhennett 13 October

Fruit Reunion Shows 3 and 4 November

Chris Finnen 1 December


Jo Quail 21 February

John McCutcheon 9 March

Andy White/Joe Man Murphy 8 April

Guiseppe Gambetta and Tony McManus 13 April

Siobhan Owen 17 April

Mike McClellan/Pete Titchener 6 May

The Idea of North 14 May

Creole CowboyZ 21 May

Melody Pool/Naomi Keyte 29 May

The Cardwells 16 July

Jeff Lang/The Yearlings 29 July

AMC Hall Of Famers, Blight, Finnen, Warner 2 September

Jez Lowe/O'Callaghan and Trewartha 30 September

The Baker Suite and strings 14 October

Shane Nicholson/Tara Carragher 5 November

Kaurna Cronin and Myles Mayo 16 December


Kaurna Cronin Band and Myles Mayo Band 16 Jan

Shane Howard/Halfway to Forth 8 Feb

Jo Quail 20 and 21 Feb

Ruth Moody 26 Feb

Edwina Hayes/Fiddle Chicks  22 March

Baby et Lulu/Baker Suite 1 May

Brian Kennedy/ Mick McHugh 3 June

Jeff Lang/Ben Ford-Davies 14  June

Saoirse/Andy & Marta 12 July

Kavisha Mazzella/The Baker Suite 7 August

The Audreys/Timberwolf 29 August

Jess Ribeiro/Koral and the Goodbye Horses 11 September

Kelly Menhennett/Max Savage/Cosmo Thundercat 27 September

The Baker Suite/Vincent's Chair 16 October

Rob Snarski w Shane O'Mara/Myles Mayo 30 October

Baby et Lulu/Climbing Trees 27 November

Mel Parsons/Kelly Menhennett  11 December


Andy Irvine 2 Feb

Mike McClellan (Adelaide Fringe) 14 Feb

Jammin' Divas (Adelaide Fringe) 15 Feb

David Bridie (Adelaide Fringe) 23 Feb

Jonathan Prag (Adelaide Fringe) 2 Mar

My Friend the Chocolate Cake 4 May

Darren Middleton/Brenton Manser 16 May

Winter Sun - Dr DeSoto/Tara Carragher/Very Jane 1 Jun

Eddi Reader 22 Jun

Winter Blues -Zkye Blue/The Hushes/Sweet Baby James & Rob Eyers 13 Jul

Winter Wonderland - The Timbers/Halfway to Forth/Brian Ruiz & The Natives 10 Aug

Brendan Gallagher/Caitlin Harnett 24 Aug

Sandi Thom/Maggie Rutjens 28 Sept

The Yearlings 11 Oct

The Audreys/Brillig 26 Oct

Fred Smith/Junior 7 Nov

Mick Thomas & the Roving Commission 22 Nov

Darren Hanlon 14 Dec


The Audreys/The Yearlings  13 Jan

Mike McClellan (Adelaide Fringe) 15 Feb

Arlo Guthrie 12 Mar

Chris Smither (Adelaide Fringe) 13 Mar

James Keelaghan (Adelaide Fringe) 15 Mar

Rory Ellis - Kaurna Cronin 14 Apr

Sandi Thom - Kelly Menhennett 10 May

The Beggars 14 Jun

Sam Brittain/Thom Lion 14 Jul

While and Matthews/Eric Bogle 11 Aug

Brian Kennedy/ Vincent's Chair 6 Sep

The Band Tribute 15 Sep

Kavisha Mazzella/Baker Suite 27 Oct

Women in Docs/Fiona Boyes 9 Nov

Brendan Gallagher/Yearlings 15 Nov

Nick Charles - Doc Span 13 Dec

Brasileiras 15 Dec



Carus Thompson/Laura Hill 20 Jan

Kristina Olsen 3 Feb

Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley (Adelaide Fringe) 14 Mar

Eric Bogle and Lonesome Rangers (Adelaide Fringe) 15 Mar

Dry Bones (Adelaide Fringe) 16 Mar

Pierre Bensusan 29 Mar

April Verch Band 30 Mar

Mick Thomas' Roving Commission 1 Apr

Eric Bogle and Graham Connors 25 Apr

Ralph McTell 12 May

Creole Cowboyz 23 Jun

Doug Ashdown and Yearlings 22 Jul

Sweet Baby James 10 Aug

Terry Oldfield 31 Aug

Fiddle Chicks/Golonka 2 Sep

Fiona Boyes 14 Sep

The Idea of North 23 Sep

Carla Lippis w The Falls 7 Oct

Harmonic Project 4 Nov

Women in Docs 10 Nov

Jordie Lane 16 Nov

Darren Hanlon 20 Dec



Jay Dabgar (Adelaide Fringe)

Blue Guru

Tony McManus

JMG Band/Heather Frahn/Chris Finnen

Baker Suite/Vincent's Chair

Chris Strout 

ChrisWilson and Sarah Carroll and Yearlings

Paddy Montgomery

Hanneke Cassel/Fraser

Nick and Liesl/Andy - Marta

Jay Dabgar and Josh Bennett

Myles Mayo/Hills & Trains

Kavisha Mazzella/Baker Suite

Caliente/Adnaan Baraky/Emma Horwood

Rolling Stones Tribute

Andrew Winton/Major Chord



Emily Davis

Josh Bennett

Chris Smither (Adelaide Fringe)

Emily Davis

Lucie Thorne and Kim Dellavedova

Patty Larkin and Kelly Menhennett

James Keelaghan

Andy Irvine

Ange Takats

Paddy Montgomery and others - Istanbul/India

Special Patrol/Hills and Trains

Nick Charles

Doug Ashdown/Country Express

Shane Howard Band 

Blue Guru

Junior and Sally Dastey

Emma Horwood


Neil Murray/Jeanette Wormald

Jez Lowe 

Dumond and Le Gall (Adelaide Fringe)

David Francey (Adelaide Fringe)

While and Matthews (Adelaide Fringe)

Peter Rowan (Adelaide Fringe)

April Verch Band

Pierre Bensusan

Martin Wyndham Read/Eric Bogle

Catherine Fraser

Laura Hill and Cal Williams Jr

King Curly and Baker Suite

Huckleberry Swedes

Brewster Brothers

David Ross MacDonald and David Hosking

Henry Padovani

Ty Burhoe

Junior and Miles to Go

Carus Thompson


Andy Irvine



Genticorum (Adelaide Fringe)

Cecile Corbel (Adelaide Fringe)

Guy Davis (Adelaide Fringe)

Sixth Birthday Weekend

Sweet baby James Robert Johnson Tribute

Sime Nugent & Yearlings 

Mick Thomas, Sarah Carroll, Van Walker

Robyn Habel

Elvis Tribute

Doug Ashdown and Nick Charles

Ty Burhoe

Maralinga Inma Jeanette Wormald


Burke and Foley


The Mammals (F)

Alastair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick (F)

Emily Davis

Phil Manning, Glenn Cardier, Ross Ryan

Catherine Fraser

Maria Forde


Women in Docs

Eric Bogle/Colcannon

Doug Ashdown

Paul Kelly Tribute


Peggy Seeger

Jez Lowe (Adelaide Fringe)

Jeanette Wormald

Eric Bogle/Colcannon


Nick Charles

Archie Roach/Ruby Hunter

Women in Docs


Robin Mann

Vincents Chair/Peter Combe

Neil Young Tribute

The Borderers

Arnaud Dumond

The Highlights


The Audreys

Greg Champion

Nick Charles



Vincent's Chair

Pat Drummond

Emmy Lou Harris, Gram Parsons Tribute


The Borderers

The Idea of North

Sally Dastey, David Hosking

Eric Bogle/ Vincent's Chair


Brian Kennedy


Mick Thomas

Sally Dastey

Idea of North

John Schumann


Brian Kennedy

Junior, Linus, Jesse Atkinson

Dirty Lucy



Idea of North

Heather Frahn and Junior

Dirty Lucy

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