2021 Concerts 

Friday 24 September 7.30pm

Rachael Leahcar

Join Rachael Leahcar and talented instrumentalists at Trinity Sessions on Friday 24th September 2021 as she presents her very special, one night only, stripped back and intimate live show! Featuring a selection of original music and classic covers, Rachael will share stories of love, loss and hope for the future. Experience a journey from Rachael’s childhood to her appearance on The Voice Australia in 2012, and across 5 consecutive top 10 charting albums to discover the driving force behind their success. Although travel overseas is not currently possible, Rachael will take you around the world with songs in different languages, songs that mark important milestones in her life and others she has written about the people and community around us. Rachael will also share recent unreleased music exclusively for this show’s audience!

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7.00pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $40 

Friday 29 October 7.30pm

Max Savage and the Lofty Mountain Band with The Yearlings

The Lofty Mountain Band are a ragged conference of things with strings: fiddles, guitars, banjos and mandolins, playing a mix of bluegrass, folk and elegiac ballads about miners and 'the man.' It comprises Max Savage and long-time musician friends Tom Kneebone on guitar, Tom Boehm on fiddle, Steve Pederson on mandolin, Django Rowe on banjo, and Dylan Kuerschner on double bass. Max describes this band’s vibe as more Celtic-, folk-, and bluegrass-driven – a style he says runs in the blood of everyone in the band.
Expect soaring harmonies, filigree and delicate playing, occasional blue jokes and an earnest desire to emulate, with varying success, the sound, style and schtick of the late great John Prine.

Sharing the bill is the wonderful The Yearlings with their band, The Stable Hands.
"The Yearlings were coming up to the top of their set in the gloaming chill and they sounded very different.
Rob Chalklen had let the steeltrap precision of the old Martin dreadnought go to return to the softer wood and honeyed sweetness of a big old Gibson, whilst in the US tour Parkes found a vintage Gibson archtop with voodoo wiring that replaces the old honey fuzz of the Danelectro with pure golden syrup. Parkes is wallowing! They're so sweet. The Yearlings just changed gear. I wonder who their new songs will be? Can't wait.
And I must reiterate: I reckon Rob's as good as rhythm guitarists get anywhere on Earth. She plays like a geological epoch. Masterly. Not even going near that haunting voice. Which only haunts when we need haunting."
Philip White

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7.00pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $30

Sunday 21 November 4.00pm

Saoirse with special guest Eric Bogle

Saoirse (Gaelic word for freedom) are a vibrant vocal and dance group from Melbourne. Saoirse delight their audiences with their beautiful renditions of traditional Irish ballads and original works, they will join hands to offer some spirited jigs and reels to get your feet tapping.
Saoirse have been playing together since 2006, brought together by a series of happy coincidences which saw them appearing as individuals at several different gigs and finding a common love of beautiful Irish music. Saoirse have worked tirelessly to bring world class Celtic music to a wider audience, promoting and organising their own shows as well as performing at festivals and music functions throughout Australia. A Saoirse performance will delight the audience with a little bit of everything Celtic; heartfelt ballads, lively jigs, reels and polkas, original songs and even a traditional step dance or two!
In 2013 Saoirse won the 'Australian Celtic Music’ awards for album and song of the year and have firmly established themselves as one of Australia's premier Celtic/Folk bands.

Eric Bogle has written some songs that have pretty much become Australian classics of their particular genre and he is still penning some cracking songs, reflecting on life, politics and culture in Australia and the world. Probably his best-known song is “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”, which confirmed its iconic status by appearing as a question in the Australian version of Trivial Pursuit! His songs have been recorded by Joan Baez, Mary Black, Donovan, Slim Dusty, John Williamson, Billy Bragg, The Pogues and The Furies, just to name a few.

Bar from 3.00pm, Doors from 4.30pm, Music 4.00pm

Tix $35

Sunday 5 December 4.00pm

Shane Nicholson with Camille Trail

Shane will launch the follow up to his highly acclaimed Love And Blood album in Adelaide at Trinity Sessions.
Since the release of Pretty Violet Stain’s debut E.P. Blush in 1997 Shane Nicholson has inhabited a rare space in the music industry: songwriter, recording artist, producer/engineer, multi-instrumentalist, guitar pedal builder, whiskey-enthusiast, motorcycle-lover, and musical mentor.

Shane has received three ARIA awards – for his solo album Hell Breaks Loose in 2015 and for his hit collaborations with Kasey Chambers - Rattlin’ Bones and Wreck and Ruin. He has also won 11 CMAA Golden Guitar Awards - including 2021 APRA Song of the Year - and an APRA award. He has been nominated twice for an Americana Music Association Award.

His production credits include Alex Lloyd, Michael Waugh, Beccy Cole, Tori Forsyth & Camille Trail.

He has three cats.

"Nicholson's is a uniquely compelling voice in Australian songwriting – it lives and breathes in the songsmith's singular melodies, crooked humour, and short, pithy lines gently delivered." Rolling Stone Magazine

"One of the country's finest songwriters" Rhythms Magazine

“I have real admiration for Shane Nicholson's musical sensibilities; I felt honoured to have a hand in the making of One Big Mess." Rodney Crowell

“Shane Nicholson doesn't fool me with his tough guy exterior and his refusal to smile in photographs, the guy is a marshmallow, a poet, a genius.” Beccy Cole

“He paints pictures, he sets the scenes, and he takes me to special places in my imagination.” Russell Morris 

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7.00pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $30 

Friday 25 March 7.30pm

Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham

Unlikely, unexpected, unforgettable, unique, not to be missed! 

The musical uniting of Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham (The Waifs) is as unscripted as it is unforeseen.

In January 2020, Felicity and Josh were invited to join Song Club - a creative collective that tasked members with writing a song a week. This challenge gave the pair a lifeline to creativity and community as well as an abundance of new material, enough in fact to make a whole album, The Song Club, which will be released May 7 via ABC Music.

In the face of an uncertain future, music uncontrived and untainted by the demands of fashion will forever remain undefeated. Understated but never unsophisticated, unpretentious and unlike anything else, Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham are poised to unleash songs and stories of undeniable beauty upon hearts and ears. Unless you uncork this fine wine, drink for yourself and understand, you will be unsatisfied and your life will be unhappy.

Josh (as a member of The Waifs), and Felicity in her own right, have both enjoyed lengthy, successful, enduring musical careers. A collective haul of Golden Guitars, ARIA Awards, multi-platinum album sales and extensive touring over nearly three decades forms a body of work that serves as a ready definition of success.

A from the heart connection to music has been a constant for each, from the moment its’ power captivated them at an early age and set the course for their lives.

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7.00pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $35 


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