2022 Concerts 

Friday 16 September 7.30pm

Melody Pool with Orelia

Melody-Pool Poster.jpg

Time to welcome back one of our favourite Australian artists Melody Pool, helping to celebrate 20 years of Trinity Sessions; supporting original songwriting and artists.

Following the release tour for Deep Dark Savage Heart, her second album in 2016, Melody went on to share a more literal account of her experiences when she featured on Australian Story in 2017. At this time, Melody announced she was to take a break from music to focus on rehabilitating her mental health.

During her time off, Melody focused on writing her third studio album which she’s self-produced and recorded on her home on a 160 acre farm in regional NSW. It draws on her recovery and progress and also the angst and pain experienced along the way

In 2022, Melody Pool tours Australia with new music penning its way into her sets as she toured the east coast playing to sold out rooms, exploring a new and re-birthed brilliance hinting at subjects of empowerment, resurgence and uprising. We are so excited to have Melody back at Trinity Sessions, she won so many new fans who saw her at her electric show with us last year. Can't wait for what she has in store in September. She is a 'criminally under-appreciated artist'.

Supporting Melody is the exciting Adelaide band Orelia. We first heard them on Radio Adelaide's Songcatcher and were blown away. Orelia create songs of love, loss and hope, combining melodic keys, soaring vocals, smooth bass and energetic percussion. Their single, 'Parachute' released in march this year puts you in the driver seat of your first car, on your first road trip, to see your first love, feeling like you are floating on a breeze. We've fallen in love.

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $30


Saturday 22 October 7.30pm

Paco Lara - The Andalusian Guitar

Group picture 1 med.jpg

You will be transported to Southern Spain captivated by the sound of his guitar, flamenco dance and his musicians. 

Australia’s own Spanish born critically acclaimed flamenco guitarist Paco Lara presents an evening of Spanish guitar as individual as the man himself. Paco Lara’s eclectic fusion of flamenco, guitar standards, and pop are a must-see musical experience as he leads his ensemble of a second guitar, percussion, keyboard and special guest Flamenco Dancer ‘Deya Miranda Giner’ in a musical evening that will enliven the hearts of all music lovers. An evening filled with musical surprises as Paco Lara’s flamenco interpretations of some of the greatest guitar classics of all time are performed with the characteristic and unmistakable sound and soul of the flamenco guitar.

Paco Lara presents flamenco guitar in all its authenticity, culture, and artistry. Expect impressive articulation with musical elegance and imagination. Paco Lara has a professional career of more than 30 years playing alongside some of the leading Spanish artists. He has toured internationally alongside Maestro Paco Cepero (one of flamenco’s most legendary guitarists and composers), Mercedes Ruiz (dancer), and Isabel Pantoja. He has also been at the vanguard of Flamenco Fusion with hugely successful groups such as El Barrio and Los Delinquentes.

Apart from his skill as a formidable soloist, Paco is also revered for his ability as an accompanist in the specialized world of flamenco singing (cante); having recorded and performed for years with flamenco’s most significant singers including Beni de Cádiz, Juan Moneo “El Torta”, El Capullo de Jerez, La Macanita, Remedios Amaya, Jose de los Camarones.

Paco is touring Australia promoting his solo album 'The Andalusian Guitar' and performing at some of the most prestigious venues with maximum audience attendance, and outstanding reviews. His latest concerts in Canberra (Street Theatre), Newcastle, Byron Bay Theatre, The Q – Queanbeyan, etc, have all been sold out concerts in record times. Paco is today the most prominent flamenco guitarist living in Australia. His great success at The Sydney Opera House (27/03/2021) and at The Adelaide International Guitar Festival (09/07/2021) have placed Paco’s guitar at the top of the Australian music scene.


Deya Miranda (flamenco dancer), Byron Mark (percussion & piano), Carlito Akam (second guitar)

”The music, beyond being exceptionally well played, is always pretty and eminently approachable – a quality compounded by the choice of repertoire.” – Sydney Morning Herald

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $40 

Friday 28 October 7.30pm

Tom West and Nancy Bates


Tom West is an Adelaide singer, guitarist & songwriter with a distinctive, androgynous vocal style and propensity to write catchy, tender folk songs often embellished with ambitious arrangements and cinematic flair. Currently dividing his time between Chicago and Adelaide, West is returning to Australia in October for a busy summer of tour dates. His 2020 album ‘Antarctica’ was written during a period after his father died from Motor Neurone Disease and released, with the generous support of his community of fans via Kickstarter, during Covid isolation after his album tour was canceled. The album features a collection of songs that have proven to enthral audiences around the word with West’s forthcoming style and honestly behind his storytelling and music. 

Amassing millions of plays from a devoted and extensive listenership West is set to approach 2022 and 2023 with multiple new projects that will be set to excite existing and new fans alike. Including new music from Tom and collaborator Lucinda R, as well as recordings he worked on in Chicago with 5 x Grammy winning producer Ryan Freeland.

Barkindji song woman, Nancy Bates is known and loved across the country for her soulful, sometimes confronting, raw song writing and storytelling. Audiences describe Nancy as a passionate performer who drenches her listeners in her love, her joy, her pain and her truth. Bates' presence and wisdom is breathtaking, so too her quick wit, the combination is all encompassing. Current finalist in the 2022 Australian Women in Music’s Humanitarian Award. 

Four years on the road with arguably Australia’s most compelling and talented writers and performers, Archie Roach, have spurred Bates on to become a powerful presence on stage, an advocate for Mental Health, and Ambassador to the Australian Performing Rights Association.

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $30 

Friday 11 November 7.30pm
Saturday 12 November 7.30pm

Ella Hooper - Old News Tour

EllaHooper_VT_LMG_157_take3 med sq.jpg

Ella Hooper was still a teenager when she burst onto the Australian music scene. Unearthed by Triple J when she was just 13, Ella scored her first number one with the single ‘Mascara’ on her 17th birthday. And at 18, she became the first woman to be awarded APRA’s Songwriter of the Year. After releasing three hit albums with Killing Heidi, Ella embarked on a solo career. Her forthcoming album, Small Town Temple – written in her hometown of Violet Town – has been hailed as a new beginning, showcasing Ella’s deeply personal songwriting. 

After a multitude of gold and platinum records and four ARIA Awards, Ella remains committed to her craft. 

A new chapter in Ella Hooper’s storied career begins with the release of her new single, ‘Old News’ from the new album. “Old News? With this striking single, Ella Hooper sounds like a vital new voice in the singer-songwriter world.” – Jeff Jenkins, Rhythms magazine

As she sings on Small Town Temple: “Still strong, still on a mission.”

Ella will be performing with her band.

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $48 

Friday 18 November 7.30pm

Vishnya and Harp2Harp with Emma Horwood

Vishnya+Harp2Harp_297mm_wide_300ppi sq med.jpg

Vishnya is an award-winning singer/songwriter recently returned to her hometown of Adelaide. A contemporary singer with a Celtic harp and classical pianist’s touch, Vishnya sings folk and classically influenced tracks brimming with captivating melodies and lyrical musings.  Drawing inspiration from the elements, nature, world travel and the human condition, she has recorded three albums and brought her eclectic sound to the 9 Network’s Carols by Candlelight, the National Folk Festival and numerous major events and productions around Australia. 

Emma Horwood is a renowned South Australian harpist and soprano who studied at the Elder Conservatorium. Her recordings have featured on ABC Classsic FM and she has presented critically acclaimed concerts around Australia, delighting audiences with her musicianship and repertoire of Celtic and fine music.

Harp2harp is acclaimed harpist/ soprano Emma Horwood joining forces with Vishnya. With a program including interpretations of songs from Cat Stevens to Massive Attack, traditional lullabies and original music, the duo harp2harp blend classical finesse with contemporary and world music flavours through the enchanting sound of two harps and two voices.

Bar from 6.30pm, Doors from 7pm, Music 7.30pm

Tix $30 


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